Describe one of your best or closest friends.- You should say: 1) Who this person is, 2) How long you have known him or her 3) How you first met, 4) What you do or did together and explain why you think this person is a good friend  

Sample Answer

When it comes to talking about my friends, I’d like to talk about Bess. She is my best friend. We are the same age and she is only two days older than me. We studied in the same school, so we had many opportunities to communicate with each other. She is a good looking and outgoing person. We have many of the same hobbies. We both like reading books and watching films, then we exchange our own opinions about the books and films. We had many fun times together. She is good at cooking. Every time I went to her home, she would cook many tasty dishes for

  1. She likes to research all kinds of cookbooks and cook programs, while I don’t like to cook at all. She is patient to play with kids and help them. She takes part in a charity organisation, she regularly goes to the disabled children school to read all kinds of fairy tale books to children. I feel proud of her. Although both of us are pretty busy with our jobs, we still meet each other once in a while. Whenever I am in trouble or in hardship, she is always there with a helping hand and encouraging words. I do appreciate having this friend