Q. How can I get higher grades for the speaking part in IELTS or any of the other major exams?                A. Practice, practice and then more practice. It is quite likely that if you are considering IELTS then you will have a good grasp of English, but what you will be missing is conversation practice. I run mock tests for all the four IELTS sections and the speaking part is the most popular for the very reason that students find it difficult to get the practice.                                                                                                        Q. How can I take mock tests with you?                                                                                                   A. Email me with a request or general enquiry and I will arrange for a free assessment using Skype, Zoom or Line. We can book mock tests based on your availability..                                                                    Q. How much are the mock tests?                                                                                                              A. A mock test is based on the real test which lasts 15 minutes will cost  £15.00 GBP. this includes me recording the session and then sending feedback with an estimated Band score.                                       Q. When will I receive feedback?                                                                                                            A. Usually within 24 hours.                                                                                                                    Q. Will I get advice as to where I might improve?                                                                                      A. You will get advice and some examples of higher band score answers, that way you can see what you need to do get higher scores.                                                                                                                  Q. Will I be able to know what the topic is beforehand?                                                                            A. The topic (part 2)is given to you after the introduction (part 1), the topics are chosen at random so that students don't have the chance to look up prescribed answers, you get 1 minute to make notes before you get to speak.

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